August Newsletter & HNWA Updates

Hometown Novel Writers Association, Inc.

HNWA is officially a non-profit corporation in the State of Georgia. Our by-laws state clearly, HNWA is a Board of Trustee managed organization for conducting business affairs. However, its mission remains writer centric: HNWA exists to introduce local authors to local audiences south of Atlanta, and to encourage writers helping writers on the journey to publishing and promoting their books.

HNWA’s Board is busy opening a bank account and already received generous donations from a handful of our most supportive authors. HNWA welcomes writers of all levels to take part in the upcoming HNWA writers’ groups and workshops and ultimately becomes one of the published writers featured at a HNWA Author event.

HNWA invites every writer to become a supporting patron by donating a minimum of $25.00 annually or become a lifetime patron for $100.00. The names of HNWA Patrons will receive recognition on the HNWA website, future newsletters, and on social media. Published Author Patrons will have a special page on the HNWA website identifying their published books with links to purchase them. Patrons can attend any of the HNWA writing groups or workshops without charge.

Watch for notification about when and where to send your patron donations, or contact a HNWA Board Member for details.

HNWA Logo Ideas Wanted

HNWA seeks an identifiable logo to reflect our organize’s mission, which can appear on banners, posters, handouts, etc. at events and programs. Send us your design.

This has been the longstanding color image of Hometown Novel Programs