The Birth of Hometown Novel Writers Association

This hometown image will remain, but our organization name will soon become Hometown Novel Writers Association, a non-profit formed to encourage writers to help writers on the road to publishing, and introduce local authors to local audiences South of Atlanta.

Watch for more news as we form our inaugural leadership team with a slate of officers to launch the organization to accomplish its vision to promote the value of books for all ages.

What Will Hometown Novel Writers Look Like Going Forward?

We will continue to offer Hometown Novel Nights Author Programs to introduce local authors to local audiences South of Atlanta, as we have been doing. But we are expanding to more venues and locations as the number of authors continues to grow. Check the Events page for the upcoming programs already scheduled this year.

HNN Writers Group is becoming Hometown Novel Writers Group. In addition to virtual critique gatherings each month, we will offer monthly in-person writers groups to encourage and exchange conversations about the craft of writing and publishing books. And watch for quarterly, informative virtual and in-person Writers Workshops on the event page.

The Town of Sharpsburg has offered Hometown Novel Writers a centrally located, cozy venue for monthly gatherings. Beginning April 30th, the first of bimonthly Author Roundtables will take place, 1-3 PM in the Old Town Library. Then on the last Saturday of each subsequent month Hometown Novel Writers will hold bimonthly membership meetings with guest speakers talking about the craft of writing and publishing. These meetings will begin in May and alternate monthly with the Author Roundtables.

Hometown Novel Writers and Book Fairs & Festivals

In concert with the Newnan Carnegie Library Foundation, many of our members will be invited to take part in the Southern LitFest 2022, June 3-5. More details are coming soon, but this will be an opportunity for boosting our presence and membership.

On August 27th, Hometown Novel Writers and the Town of Sharpsburg will host the Sharpsburg Book Fair to raise money for two high school students to attend the Atlanta Writers Conference and to donate to the COWETA FERST READERS program.

In partnership with the Carrollton Writers Guild, we have been invited to participate in the Carrollton Literary Festival, March 25, 2023.

Locally, Hometown Novel Writers will promote ample opportunities for our members to promote their books and meet other local authors at local events in Newnan, Lagrange, Warm Springs, Carrollton, Moreland, and others… Check the event page for what we have slated so far with more to be come as they pop up.

How Do I Become a Hometown Novel Writer Member?

Watch for the membership sign up information on upcoming Hometown Novel Newsletters that will be posted here, on Facebook, Instagram, and shared on our regular emailings. Send an email to if you are not receiving our mailings yet, and ask to be added. Tell your friends as well.

We will always be a non-profit organization, and cost of membership will be nominal. Watch for sign up information on the website and social media.

What will the organization’s leadership look like, and how can I help?

By April 30th at the Organizational Meeting (11-12:30) prior to the Author Roundtable (1-3 PM) we will hold our first general membership meeting. Our inaugural slate of organization leaders will be affirmed and comments and feedback welcomed at the meeting. Please make an effort to attend at the Old Town Library in historic Sharpsburg. Then stick around for the Roundtable with Sharon Marchisello, Patricia Cruzan, Danielle Thorne, and Blue Cole talking about their books with the local audience in attendance.

One of our first author events in Hogansville, 2019.

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